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     This bakery  I can´t say much for the dine in option, but the bread and the baked goods are all amazing.

We´ve tried several different breads and pies and also had a delicious lemon cake at Easter. They do lots of

seasonal baking at Christmas and Easter and other holidays, so it´s a great place to grab a dessert or buns for

a holiday meal.


    This place has a very Home style feeling and it's nice to visit when you are coming bit of the cold.

Free WiFi is proudly displayed above the counter, so as to allow you to feel a sense of welcome.



     Courense has excellent white bread, though some -- like my girlfriend, Heather -- may find the crust too tough for their liking.  I'm a fan, however, and do pop in to buy a loaf periodically.


  Their pastries are solid, especially those little custard tarts (as Howard H notes); I made a kind of pseudo-French toast out of one of their dough-nuts I'd regrettably allowed to go stale.  (Man, it turned into some kinda wonderful!)


  I just love the stained wood facade of the building.  It has a warm, friendly and classy appearance.  I feel that the outside of a shop or cafe is almost as important as what's inside.  It's like when you're looking in a bookstore and have no idea what you want.  You're attracted by the books with glitzy covers.  Publishers know it.  It's no coincidence that book cover designs have gotten progressively cooler in recent decades in an effort to attract the 'generation with no attention span."  The most important thing is, of course,  the story inside, but you might not get there without a snazzy cover.  Same goes for restaurants. Once inside, Courense Bakery does not disappoint, like a wonderful story it grips you from start to finish!  Anyone know any good Portuguese stories?  I don't. Also, as a value-oriented customer, I am naturally attracted by reasonable  prices.  Sure you can always pay a bundle and get quality.  I will agree that In general, you do get what you pay for.  But Toronto just has so many restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops, it results in nearly perfect competition.  Which means better quality for lower prices, if you're attentive enough to seek out the hidden gems.


  The cafe-feel is probably one of the best parts of this experience as well. Somebody compared Courense with Granowskas, which I think is an interesting thought (especially now that Granowska's is kaput) the service at Courense is egalitarian, they don't skip 2 people down in line just because you don't speak Portugese (somethng I've experienced at Granowska's before) they're always pleasant and willing to explain what the pastries are, NICELY.


  My boyfriend and I were looking for a bakery to spoil myself with some delicious goods for my birthday as I did not get a cake this year. We found this little gem still open until midnight on a Tuesday night. So we walked in and bought a few things. The prices were cheap and amazing for the quality.


  Courense Bakery is a lovely spot that reminds me of an older way of life in Toronto. There is a wide selection of desserts that are really well priced. I had an egg tart and strawberry cheesecake. Both were phenomenally priced for the quality. The ambiance is interesting. There is a strong Portuguese presence, because it is a Portuguese bakery....

Courense Bakery

1014 Bloor St. West

Toronto Ont.




Business Hours:

We Are Open 7 days a week

Monday to Friday  from 5am to midnight

Saturdays  from 6am to midnight

Sundays  from 7am to midnight