Courense Bakery on Bloor Street has been around since 1982, the first 27 years under a different management. In  2009, Paula Luís and Nuno took over and are now the heart and soul of the running of one of the best Toronto bakeries.

Courense Bakery offers a variety of breads, delicious pastries and any type of cakes.. beautiful birthday cakes,  wedding cakes, theme cakes for children's birthdays,christening and confirmation. From simple to elegant and elaborate Courense Bakery will make the custom cake of your dreams.  And come Christmas, Mother's Day or Easter you will find the tradicional pastries and cakes to

celebrate those dates.

Courense Bakery offers much more than just breads, pastries and cakes. At Courense you will find an excellent Hot Table and a variety of dishes including tradicional delicacies of the Portuguese and/or Italian cuisine. Delicous comforting hot soups of the day that in cold winter days will bring memories of the warm days of Summer.

Courense Bakery with its beautiful store front has a seating section where

you can relax, alone or with your friends while having a cup of coffee or a

meal. It is indeed a great place for friendships to keep in touch and flourish

Courense Bakery

1014 Bloor St. West

Toronto Ont.




Business Hours:

We Are Open 7 days a week

Monday to Friday  from 5am to midnight

Saturdays  from 6am to midnight

Sundays  from 7am to midnight